Healthcare Silos And Band-Aid Approaches Don't Go Far Enough

Today, people are living longer than ever before. Human lifespans have almost doubled in the past hundred years. And while that’s a huge step forward, human bodies wear out over these added decades.


Unfortunately, today’s health care protocols focus largely on just the most recent illness or injury. This leaves many seniors and their loved ones struggling with how to deal with the chronic challenges they face during their later years. And many of these struggles can make independent (or even assisted) living seem next to impossible.

The cost of not having proper solutions in place for seniors and their families isn’t just financial; anxiety, worry, frustration, and caregiver exhaustion/burnout, are additional burdens for many.

The Good News is that, managed correctly, many seniors can stay in their homes longer, with happier, healthier lives.

Nexus Home Healthcare is a different kind of home health company. While we do effectively treat short-term needs, we’re also laser-focused on helping seniors and their families navigate the aging process for their long-term needs.

Our Proven Process

Evaluate Risk

Our clinical specialists use our proprietary risk scoring system to evaluate over 100 indicators to determine the likelihood of a senior's success.

Design Proactive Recovery Plan

Based on the comprehensive risk assessment, our clinical team designs a detailed and customized care plan focused on long-term success.

Deliver Collaborative Care

The clinical team collaborates with ALL necessary parties in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

System Reinforcement

Self-reinforcing systems are implemented across our organization to ensure consistency and repeatability.

Serving North Texas

Dallas, Denton, Collin, Rockwall & parts of Tarrant Counties