Or at least like we thought…A new study suggests metabolism, the rate at which you burn
calories, starts the inevitable decline much later than you might think.

Age-related changes in metabolism have long been a topic of curiosity and concern. ¨ecent data has shed new light on this intricate process. Contrary to common belief, our metabolism doesn’t undergo a significant decline until after age 0ה, and even then, it’s a gradual decrease of only 0.7 percent annually

An international team of scientists who analyzed the average calories burned by more than 6,600 people as they went about their daily lives. The participants’ ages ranged from one week old to 95 years, and they lived in 29 different countries.

The most intriguing revelation is the caloric needs of individuals in their 90s. They require a remarkable 26 percent fewer calories daily compared to those in midlife. This suggests that our bodies adapt to aging by becoming more efficient in energy utilization.

Lost muscle mass as we get older may be partly to blame, the researchers say, since muscle burns more calories than fat. But it’s not the whole picture.

These findings emphasize the importance of mindful eating, focusing on nutrient-rich foods, staying physically active, and seeking expert guidance as we age. Being in tune with our hunger and fullness cues, prioritizing essential nutrients, and maintaining a consistent exercise regimen can help us navigate the metabolic changes gracefully.

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