The Pittsburgh Fatigability Scale is a 10-item scale has been validated in many subsequent studies as a way to accurately capture physical and mental tiredness. Participants were followed for 2.7 years. After controlling for variables like depression, gender, terminal illness, etc, investigators found that those with the highest level of reported fatigue (over 25) were over twice as likely to die. We’ve all heard if you don’t move it, you lose it.  And ‘it’ isn’t just strength and balance. It also relates to energy and mortality.
Participants completed the Pittsburgh Fatigability Scale (PFS), which asked them to rate how much physical and mental fatigue they would experience as a result of participating in activities such as walking, light housework, watching television, hiking or biking, and hosting a social event, with 0 being no fatigue and 5 being extreme fatigue. Scores could range from 0 to 50, with a higher score indicating greater fatigability.
A recent study was conducted to see if there was a relationship between reported fatigue and mortality. The study included roughly 3000 individuals whose average age was 73.5 years old

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