Globally, 200 million people are affected by osteoporosis and 35 million by dementia. These numbers are expected to double in the next 20 years.

Researchers led by the Garvan Institute of Medical research have discovered a link between dementia and osteoporosis. They found that cognitive decline over 5 years showed nearly a doubling risk in fractures in women.

The study was the first to investigate both cognitive and bone health data over more than 15 years. Dr. Dana Bluic, one of the study’s authors stated, ‘while this study could not identify a causal link–whether a decline in cognitive function leads to a decline in bone loss, or vice versa–it suggests that cognitive decline should be monitored along with bone health, as a decline in one may signal the need for increased vigilance in the other’.

The researchers also stated this link could be mediated by estrogen deficiency. This deficiency has been independently associated with both bone loss and cognitive decline. They state additional studies need to be done in order to determine why the link between cognitive decline and bone loss occurs.

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