NEXUS [ˈneksəs]:

a connection linking 2 or more things;  the central and most important place

At Nexus Home Healthcare (a Medicare-certified agency), we understand the home is where various factors intersect and are a MAJOR influence to your success or failure. 

The most important place for you to be successful is in your own home.

core values

uncommon teamwork

Creating a culture of belonging, achievement and excellence

proactivity drives results

Solving current challenges with a focus on how to prevent them in the future

inspiring leadership

Fostering a culture of high performance, transparency and accountability

rock solid service

Building a growing base of fans through consistent, compassionate and expert healthcare and advisory services

We started Nexus Home Healthcare out of necessity. We recognized that current clinical models weren’t doing enough for an aging population–they were overly reactive and focused too much on the bottom line.

Previous companies we worked for had too much of a focus on sales, billing, compliance and had little desire to enhance their clinical services. 

We tried to offer our expertise in order to provide even more value and success for our patients and community. 

We tried to help create a culture in those organizations that fostered true clinical collaboration for the benefit of patients and families. 

In the end, we decided the best way to help our community and its older adults was to start our own company and hire the best clinicians around who shared a similar experience and desire.

And the results have been extraordinary.

We don’t JUST focus on the most recent illness or injury. Our goals aren’t simply set for the next few weeks.

Instead, we developed a proprietary, comprehensive clinical model that identifies many hidden risk factors that inhibit long-term success. And we collaborate with you on the best solutions to resolve them.

Not for a few weeks…but long after we’ve discharged.

We think the revolving doors of ERs and hospitals need to stop. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Our team

Clinical Operations Manager:

Lauren DeMasi, RN


office: 469-317-3017

mobile: 972-580-0160

Lead Physical Therapist:

Ben Egan, PT


office: 469-317-3017

mobile: 469-325-0084

Founder/Director of outcomes:

Brian Harmon, PT, MBA


office: 469-317-3017

mobile: 321-271-4052

director of business operations: 

Valerie Harmon


office: 469-317-3017

fax: 469-317-1532


Business Development Representative:

Jermare Clinton


office: 469-317-3017

mobile: 337-375-5873

Operations Coordinator: 

Tara Roman


office: 469-317-3017

fax: 469-317-1532

Lead Registered Nurse: 

Robin Ravdin, RN


office: 469-317-3017

Mobile: 954-604-9741

Physical Therapist: 

Matthew Bennett, PT, DPT


office: 469-317-3017

Mobile: 512-738-5352

Physical Therapist Assistant: 

Nikki Doty, PTA


office: 469-317-3017

Mobile: 940-210-1830

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