4 Keys to Managing Medical Conditions (at home)

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reports that roughly 2/3 of hospitalizations can be prevented. A large percentage of this is due to inconsistent/poor systems in place managing medical conditions.

1.Reconciled Medication List

a master list of all
medications (from all doctors), including over-the-counter
that is continually updated.

2. Take Medications as Prescribed

use of Pillpack, pill
organizer to keep from forgetting/overdosing/underdosing.

3. Monitor Vital Signs and Other Key Indicators

blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, pain need to be monitored
if you are taking medications for them so you know if the
medications are working.

4. Know How to Respond to Changes

key is to know
what safe ranges are and how to respond if vitals are too low/
too high.
The home is invisible to most doctors’ practices so they have
to make decisions based on educated assumptions
regarding what’s happening at the home site.
Having consistent systems in place is key to keeping seniors
healthy and out of the hospital.

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