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Nexus Home Healthcare

  NEXUS [ˈneksəs]:

A Connection Linking 2 Or More Things; The Central and Most Important Place At Nexus Home Healthcare (a Medicare-certified agency), we understand the home is where various factors intersect and are a MAJOR influence to your success or failure.

Our Proven Process

Evaluate Risk

Our clinical specialists use our proprietary risk scoring system to evaluate over 100 indicators to determine the likelihood of a senior's success.

Design Proactive Recovery Plan

Based on the comprehensive risk assessment, our clinical team designs a detailed and customized care plan focused on long-term success.

Deliver Collaborative Care

The clinical team collaborates with ALL necessary parties in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

System Reinforcement

Self-reinforcing systems are implemented across our organization to ensure consistency and repeatability.

About Us

We Started Linking 2 Or More Things, The Central And Most Important Place

We started Nexus Home Healthcare out of necessity. We recognized that current clinical models weren’t doing enough for an aging population–they were overly reactive and focused too much on the bottom line. Previous companies we worked for had too much of a focus on sales, billing, compliance and had little desire to enhance their clinical services.

North Texas’s Most Trusted Home Health Care Provider.

"I have depended on Nexus Home Medical services for both my parents. On my wedding day, my father was really focused on with respect by his overseer while I had the option to focus on being a lady on my special day."

- Maria L.

"Brian and the Nexus Home Health team are outstanding! I highly recommend. They are the very best in North Texas. As a Geriatric Care Manager, I want the very best for my clients and Nexus delivers every time!"

- Jo Alch

"Brian has gone above and beyond assisting my dad with his recovery from two hip fractures. His team is very compassionate and provide excellent service with in home Physical Therapy. Highly recommend!!"

- Damron Henson

Senior Care Briefing

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Dallas, Denton, Collin, Rockwall and parts of Tarrant Counties

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